Self-Care When Life Falls Apart

Seizures Happen We were at the hospital once again. Another seizure. We were used to the seizures. Our youngest son started having them at two years old. He had 50 to 100 petite mals per day and periodic grand mal seizures. (Or absence seizures and tonic clonic seizures) Only this time – my four year old son’s seizure lasted over forty five minutes. And this time – the whole family felt the tremendous shock and trauma of the seizure. My oldest son locked the door as we waited for the ambulance to arrive. When I asked him what he was… Continue Reading This Article

Why Did My Brain Betray Me?

The Betrayal of The Brain I often hear similar statements from the Wounded Souls who have been through trauma. While the “what happened” is unique for each person, the responses to trauma are very similar. How the brain reacts is not unique, but each individual does not know that yet. Not in the beginning of the process. We begin the unfolding of the story of the trauma. As mentioned in my previous post, “It’s OK To Not Be OK,” the person needs time and space to find the words fitting the event. At first, it may be possible the individual… Continue Reading This Article

It’s OK to NOT be OK

The Beginning of Trauma Recovery I help people recover from trauma. I help people realize it is OK to not be OK. I sit across from men and women on a daily basis. They come in looking for answers. At times, they do not know what the questions are they want or need to ask. All they know is life is not working at the moment. Not like they want it to work – or not like it used to – or not like it ever did. And they are tired. The awareness I have of the shame in the… Continue Reading This Article

The Soul of Grief

1991. That was the year my identity took a shift. I always grew up being “Daddy’s Little Girl.” I would never be “Daddy’s Little Girl” again. Perhaps you know this type of shift, as well. Grief is like that. Grief shifts our world in ways no one is prepared for. Let’s face it. Who is prepared to have their identity shift from “Daddy’s Little Girl” to something you just might not have the words to describe? Kubler-Ross describes the steps of grief as Denial/Shock – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – Acceptance. When I give speeches about grief I often… Continue Reading This Article

We Don’t Get to Decide How The Story Ends

When I got the phone call from Toni at 3:30 AM, I had the immediate sense I was a failure. My brother had died a horrible death and I had failed him. I had not loved him well. But the truth is – We don’t get to decide how the story ends for others. Loving well is allowing others to have choice and freedom. It is having the courage to feel the pain and sorrow of their choices, while loving ourselves and staying out of the chaos their choices are creating. I wanted my brother’s story to end differently. I… Continue Reading This Article