Soul Care

We Don’t Get to Decide How The Story Ends

When I got the phone call from Toni at 3:30 AM, I had the immediate sense I was a failure. My brother had died a horrible death and I had failed him. I had not loved him well. But the truth is – We don’t get to decide how the story ends for others. Loving well is allowing others to have choice and freedom. It is having the courage to feel the pain and sorrow of their choices, while loving ourselves and staying out of the chaos their choices are creating. I wanted my brother’s story to end differently. I… Continue Reading This Article

My 4 Inspirational Blogs to Inspire and Comfort You

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I love to be inspired, don’t you? I love to inspire others. But the only way I can inspire others is to be inspired first. Paul talks about comfort in 2 Corinthians 1:3. He goes about basically saying, “We comfort from the comfort we have been comforted with.” Do you know what that means? That means I want to learn from those who have felt the pain. I want to learn from those who have dared to feel pain – Been vulnerable – Received comfort. When I think about leaders I want to follow and be inspired by, I think… Continue Reading This Article

Being Intentional About Rest

We’ve all been there. Hurrying through our week. Working hard to make a living. And then, the weekend comes! Time to rest. Right? Not right. We’ve lost the “Intentional Rest” we used to practice as families. With the soccer games, swim team, softball practices, shopping and yard work. We have miscellaneous activities to accomplish on the weekends. Families have lost the ability to rest. We’ve lost the importance of rest. Not very long ago, I got a hold of John Ortberg’s book, ‘Soul Keeping.‘ Ortberg talks about what it is to take care of the most important part of us…. Continue Reading This Article