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5 House Rules for Media and Teens

Kate Pieper LMFT

My previous blog post, “Sobering Statistics for Media and Teens” lists research regarding the effects TV, computers and video games has on teens. The following 5 Practical House Rules are suggestions to help you navigate how to help your adolescents manage media in your home. No one can tell you what is “right” for you and your household. The following are 5 things we found useful in our home while having 4 teens. We used these House Rules to create some sanity around media in our home. You might find one or two helpful, as well. 1. Choose shows the… Continue Reading This Article

Sobering Stats About Teens and Media


I couldn’t figure out what my son was talking about. “Mom! They have a TV cover just like ours. Why is theirs on their wall?” I glanced around my friend’s house and noticed what my son was pointing to. My friend looked at me with a quizzical, “Has your son lost his mind?” look. I laughed, embarrassed now, and knowing I needed to explain to my friend about why my son was pointing to her heirloom quilt and referring to it as a ‘TV cover.’ “Uh… We don’t let our kids watch a lot of television. In fact, our TV… Continue Reading This Article