Kate Pieper LMFT

If your organization or agency wants to be inspired, I consider it my honor to listen to your specific need and develop a message that will do just that. Regardless of the audience I am asked to speak to, I create dynamic, tailored talks that every person in the room will walk away being encouraged and have practical tools to practice in their lives.

I commonly speak to the first responder community, such as law enforcement or fire fighters. However, I also enjoy inspiring agencies who are experiencing overwhelm from their jobs. Whether it is compassion fatigue or needing to develop a strategy for work/life balance, I consider it my mission in life to teach about the practice of RESILIENCY.

Often times those in the helping professions are overwhelmed and fatigued. The shame they feel about believing they are the only ones who are experiencing these feelings can be shattered by a messenger who normalizes and gives hope.

I integrate humor, life’s experiences of the traumas in my own life, and the knowledge I have of working with people of all walks of life to promote well-being for individuals, communities and organizations.


  • California District Attorneys Association – Compassion Fatigue – Putting on Your Emotional Safety Vest
  • California District Attorneys Association – Resiliency – Learning to Wobble and Not Fall Down
  • California Highway Patrol – The Road to Resiliency
  • San Jose Police Department – Mood Disorder Training
  • Western Seminary – Tightrope for Teens
  • Forest Lake Christian School – The Tightrope Teens are On


  • Finding Our Way Back To Love – A workshop for couples
  • A Fresh Path – For those who have lost themselves in loving others


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