Grief – The Shock of It All

grief shock

The News Where were you when you found out? Were you standing up? Sitting down? Were you right with your loved one? I remember the phone calls. I remember where I was sitting – working – laying. One of my closest friends told me about Dad’s death. She did so with so much reluctance and compassion. She knew I had heard about the death of my Aunt (my second Mom) in a shockingly matter-of-fact way. I recall Judy saying, “Kate, I wish I were there, my friend. I wish I could say this in person and hug you… Your Mom… Continue Reading This Article

Grief – The Way To Joy

grief Kate Pieper LMFT

Grief is not just about death. Sometimes it is the only way to joy. Have you ever experienced a low-grade sadness? You aren’t certain where exactly it came from. And you don’t know how to shake off the blues. A lot of times this feeling of the “light blues” (or melancholy mood) can come from not grieving the ‘smaller’ losses in life you have already faced. We often ignore the ‘smaller losses.’ The ‘smaller losses’ of life accumulate. They can leave us emotionally constipated until they are processed You get a new job promotion and you leave the people you… Continue Reading This Article

The Soul of Grief

1991. That was the year my identity took a shift. I always grew up being “Daddy’s Little Girl.” I would never be “Daddy’s Little Girl” again. Perhaps you know this type of shift, as well. Grief is like that. Grief shifts our world in ways no one is prepared for. Let’s face it. Who is prepared to have their identity shift from “Daddy’s Little Girl” to something you just might not have the words to describe? Kubler-Ross describes the steps of grief as Denial/Shock – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – Acceptance. When I give speeches about grief I often… Continue Reading This Article

We Don’t Get to Decide How The Story Ends

When I got the phone call from Toni at 3:30 AM, I had the immediate sense I was a failure. My brother had died a horrible death and I had failed him. I had not loved him well. But the truth is – We don’t get to decide how the story ends for others. Loving well is allowing others to have choice and freedom. It is having the courage to feel the pain and sorrow of their choices, while loving ourselves and staying out of the chaos their choices are creating. I wanted my brother’s story to end differently. I… Continue Reading This Article

Signs You Have A Holiday Hang-Over & How To Recover


Are you still hearing a lot of “How were your holidays?” or “I hope your holidays were wonderful?” And each time you hear these questions – you’re cringing inside. Perhaps you are just beginning to come to the realization you have a Holiday Hang-Over. It’s going to take some time and effort to recover from the emotional let-down you feel from the less-than-perfect holiday season. You’re not alone. You’re not weird to feel a sense of loss weeks after the holidays are actually over. People are feeling it all over the world. Some have felt it for years – after… Continue Reading This Article