5 House Rules for Media and Teens

Kate Pieper LMFT

My previous blog post, “Sobering Statistics for Media and Teens” lists research regarding the effects TV, computers and video games has on teens. The following 5 Practical House Rules are suggestions to help you navigate how to help your adolescents manage media in your home. No one can tell you what is “right” for you and your household. The following are 5 things we found useful in our home while having 4 teens. We used these House Rules to create some sanity around media in our home. You might find one or two helpful, as well. 1. Choose shows the… Continue Reading This Article

Sobering Stats About Teens and Media


I couldn’t figure out what my son was talking about. “Mom! They have a TV cover just like ours. Why is theirs on their wall?” I glanced around my friend’s house and noticed what my son was pointing to. My friend looked at me with a quizzical, “Has your son lost his mind?” look. I laughed, embarrassed now, and knowing I needed to explain to my friend about why my son was pointing to her heirloom quilt and referring to it as a ‘TV cover.’ “Uh… We don’t let our kids watch a lot of television. In fact, our TV… Continue Reading This Article

Three Skills of A Teen Brain Whisperer

kate pieper,lmft

It happened again. The simple conversation about the homework and the grades turned into a full on argument with my teen. Why couldn’t this just be easier? Why must grades or chores or the time of day be so emotionally explosive? You’d think after 3 teenagers I would know by now to always be ready for the inevitable. Because the inevitable is – after all – inevitable. Parenting teens takes some specific skills. If we don’t realize the skills needed, we can really cause a lot of headaches and damage for us – as well as our teens. Today I… Continue Reading This Article

4 Reasons To Be Jealous of Your Teen

kate pieper, lmft

It was just another day in enjoying the ESSENCE of the teen brain. “Mom!” Oldest Son said urgently. “Mom, are you on your way home now?!” “Yes, I should be home in about ten minutes.” In that moment, I heard a succinct inner voice telling me I really didn’t want to be heading home. I had heard this tone of voice from my son before. It usually meant I was coming home to mayhem of some sort my teenage son had created. This inner voice told me I would not be coming home to a peaceful, relaxing evening. “Good!” he… Continue Reading This Article

Are You a Helicopter Parent?

Today we’re privileged to have a guest post by Anna Scates of The 7 Year Adventure – A Positive Spin on Parenting. We are all guilty of it at some point in our kids’ lives. It just comes naturally, and we can’t help it. Parents wind up driving their kids crazy by being a wee bit overbearing. The more common term for it is “Helicopter Parenting.” Learning to let go can be a painful, slow process in a parent’s life. You have to make yourself do it, especially when they go off to college. I found myself “helicoptering” once when… Continue Reading This Article

5 Ways to Let Teens Know You Love Them Even On Dark Days

Let’s face it. Raising teens is exciting and fun! -For the most part. You get to stay younger. You get to keep up on the latest trends. You get to have them tell you if your clothes are just a little too old fashioned. You get to stay up on music. You get to stay active with them. You get to enjoy their new discoveries. You get to enjoy them growing and deciding who they are now. Raising teens is a blast! And, then. There are those Dark Days of Parenting Teens. – Those days other parents further along told… Continue Reading This Article