Horses in My Marriage Bed-2

As we return to the Marriage-Relationship saga of The Pieper Pasture, we find Bob and Kate rounding up the 2 reckless stallions running wild in their marriage. However, Dr. John Gottman’s research helped the two partners to realize there were 4 Horses they needed to be on the lookout for! According to Gottman’s 35-year-long research, Miserable Marriages had 4 Deadly Horses in the relationships! Bob and Kate saw Calico Criticism and Dandy Defensiveness in their marriage, but now they knew they had two even more dangerous steeds galloping across the fields of their once-a-dream marriage! The more Bob and Kate… Continue Reading This Article

Horses in My Marriage Bed-1

Dr. John Gottman informed me about 10 years ago, there were horses in my marriage bed. He had been doing research for years in his couples’ lab about happily married couples versus those couples who were miserable or on the verge of divorce. Dr. Gottman’s research showed there were four horsemen I needed to keep out of my marriage. My husband and I read about these horses and took a quick assessment of our arena. At the time, the horses were running like wild stallions stampeding for water in the Sahara through our marriage! We knew we had to do… Continue Reading This Article