About Kate

My journey as a professional therapist is a wonderful one full of hills and winding paths. As a business woman who also worked as a youth leader, I found the desire to provide something more for families and teens. This desire prompted me to pursue my original dream of becoming a professional counselor. My journey as a therapist began in 1992 and I have not regretted it since.

I am passionate about joining with others in their journeys and helping them to create the relationships and the lives they are designed to step into. I seek to create a warm and nurturing environment in walking with clients through their pain, hurt, confusion and possible shame. Whether you are a man who is wanting to shake the rules of “manliness,” a woman who is wanting a life richer than the one you are living, a teen who is finding their way through the chaos of youth, or a couple who is struggling to understand one another and move on towards a stronger bond, I will listen and assist you to move through your Brave and Compassionate Journey.

I earned my Masters of Arts in Marriage Family Therapy at the California Family Study Center in 1993, now known as The Phillips Institute and my Bachelor’s Degree at Moody Bible Institute in 1991. In 2001, I founded Selah Counseling Services, a nonprofit counseling center, to meet the needs of children, teens and families in the foothill community of Northern California.

I am a Certified in Critical Incident and Stress Management (CISM) and speak regularly to agencies regarding stress management, resiliency and difficult communications in organizations.

I have spent the majority of my career as a therapist helping families and couples through life’s hurdles. I am not shy about carrying the hope for my clients when they feel there is no hope. My therapy approach is emphasizing connection with one another in relationships. I will teach tools and am trained in several modalities. However, the longer I work with people, the more I am convinced, the goal is to step out of fear and pain and learn to love one another with our whole hearts – warts and all.

I will consider it an honor to walk with you through A Brave and Compassionate Journey.